Saturday, May 29, 2010

A sad commentary on relationships....and

Big shout out to all the women with 3 baby daddys and your man right now is the father of none of them

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm back

It's been more than two months since I last blogged. The day after my last post appeared, I was rear-ended on my way to City Hall for a police briefing.

The man who hit me never touched his brakes. I was fortunate to end up with only a nasty case of whiplash to my neck, back and pelvis. No broken bones, no organ damage. It could so easily have been much worse.

My car was totaled, however, so while I was recovering at home I spent a lot of time perusing the Internet for research on cars.

I hate car shopping. A nagging fear chews on me that no matter what I get or how much I pay, I could have gotten a better car for less -- somewhere, somehow.

It took me  about 6 weeks to settle on a car - a used Honda Accord - and I'm pretty happy with I guess the process was worthwhile.

I'm still doing rehab on my back and neck, and I'm still (as one friend put it this week) on "the dancing DL" -- that's baseball parlance for 'disabled list.'

But I'm making good progress, and, again, I feel most fortunate that it wasn't more serious.

I stayed away from blogging just to give my back a break from the keyboard, but I hope to resume regular posts now.

To all my friends who offered prayers and hands-on support, I am most grateful.